What does it mean when we say Multi-User?

Imagine your business has three people (owner, office manager and payroll clerk) who need to access one QuickBooks file at the same time. The business owner uses one QuickBooks license to run reports, while the office manager uses a second license to enter sales reports and receipts, and the payroll clerk uses a third license to run payroll and print checks.

In this scenario, since three users are using QuickBooks, a 3 User product will be best suited to your business' needs. Similarly, if your business only has two users that will need to access QuickBooks, a 2 User product will be right for you.

What are the benefits of using QuickBooks Multi-User?

  • Multi-user access enables increased productivity and efficiency.
  • All users have simultaneous access to your most up-to-date company file, ensuring accurate and efficient collaboration.
  • You can also stay in control and keep your data protected - limit employee access by allowing different levels of user permission within your company's file.

What is the maximum number of simultaneous users for a QuickBooks company file?

The maximum number of simultaneous users (users accessing the file at the same time) for QuickBooks Pro is three users and Premier Editions is five users. A server does not count as a user if no one works on QuickBooks on the server itself. Our Enterprise Solutions and Online Edition products offer the ability for more users to work in the file at the same time.

Looking for more information before making your purchase decision?

Check out the "Multiple Users" section of our FAQs or call us at (866) 676-9668.